TenPoint5 is based on the philosophy that the human mind is the strongest “muscle” in the body—and that peak physique is achieved only by the belief that true transformation happens after fatigue. TenPoint5 incorporates classic ballet, core, pilates and yoga strengthening techniques.

The class blends resistance training with stretching exercises to achieve long lean muscles—and is set to choreography that strategically accelerates muscle conditioning and sculpting.

What Does TenPoint5 Mean?

There’s a silly little notion drifting around that perfection is possible, and we think that concept is short-sighted. Is there really a point that improvement stops? Perfect 10? Ten reps? What happens when you Go Beyond just ten?

TenPoint5 was founded on this theory—that constant improvement defines the ultimate destination. That’s why, in each class, students are encouraged to discover their Point5 within each movement—that place where you go beyond fatigue, beyond what you believed was possible, and beyond perfection.


Teresa Arteca

Studio owner Teresa Arteca brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. Whether it’s teaching, running the studio, or raising her two kids, Teresa believes in seeking a balance between work and life. She is a Native, born and raised in Arizona. She loves fitness, health and always has a positive outlook. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and checking out new local spots. She loves playing basketball, hiking the outdoors, and has a passion for cooking. Her kids keep her busy with their involvement in soccer and jiu-jitsu. Teresa took over this local barre studio “TenPoint5 Central” December of 2018. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to making a difference and her goal is to change the lives of others, both physically and mentally. She wants this studio to be a community you call home that creates new friendships and provides you with the fitness you desire.


Sarah Carlstrom

Like so many women, Sarah spent her entire life searching for the perfect exercise. At some point, trying all variations of yoga, pilates, core strength, aerobics, spinning and stretch. Several years ago, she was introduced to the ballet barre with a workout based on the Lotte Berk method. The introduction was proof that love-at-first-sight does exist. However, the experience could be improved. Combining the fundamentals of barre fitness with other variations of fitness, Sarah and Christa added the Point5—elevating ballet barre exercise and experience to achieve hardcore results.

You may recognize Sarah from her nearly two-decade-long television career, the last ten in the Phoenix area.

Christa McCormick

Having been involved in ballet her entire life, Christa has studied several techniques from extensive training in the Cecchetti Technique, the Royal Academy of Ballet syllabus, and the Vaganova Technique. However, Christa is not only accomplished in ballet, but also forms of Modern and Jazz dance. While attending college, Christa also began learning Philip Beamish’s Bodymind Balancing, learning further concepts of how to obtain maximum results while eliminating unnecessary tension.

Completing her B.F.A. in Dance at the University of Arizona, she began to utilize her understanding of the anatomy of not only a dancer but also the every-day woman. After dancing in New York City for more than two years, Christa relocated back to Arizona, where she began teaching various forms of dance to children, as well as to adults. After completing the other similar “technique” training at the highest level, Christa and Sarah began to develop their own technique—combining all techniques to achieve exponential results.


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Across from Phoenix Ale Brewery
Park in crown parking lot and walk through the center courtyard



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